Harvard Model United Nations: A Good Year

27 of our students attended the sixty-fifth session of Harvard Model United Nations last January in Boston. The school's 2018 debate delegation, representing the USA,  was very successful, with the students winning a total of 17 awards, including 2 Best Delegate, 5 Outstanding Delegate, 6 Honorable Mention and 4 Verbal Mention awards, as follows:
Best Delegate: Presidential Cabinet of Brazil                                             Spencer Cohen 
Best Delegate: Defense, Internal Affairs & Corruption Committee             Jules Pastor 
Outstanding Delegate: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation                        Oscar de Miranda 
Outstanding Delegate: Organisation of American States                           George Hellouin de Menibus
Outstanding Delegate: Special Summit on Globalisation                           Morgane Ropion
Outstanding Delegate: Historical Security Council                                     Jade de Clercq
Outstanding Delegate: Historical Security Council                                     Ilona Metais
Honorable Mention: Security Council                                                         Eric Lasry
Honorable Mention: Security Council                                                         Lucas Cojot
Honorable Mention: World Health Organisation                                        Raphaelle Behar
Honorable Mention: Special Summit on Futuristic Technology                   Aman Badami
Honorable Mention: Economic & Social Council                                         Julien Kress
Honorable Mention: State Council of the People's Republic of China        Chloé Billiotte
Verbal Mention: Historical General Assembly Emergency Session              Christian Duboisson
Verbal Mention: Historical General Assembly Emergency Session              Zachari Callari
Verbal Mention: The Roman Senate 63 BCE                                               Hugo Harvey
Verbal Mention: Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam 1955         Michel Gutmann
The standard was incredibly high and our school's delegation had to compete against more than 3,300 other students, from nearly 200 high schools and 40 countries, to debate some of the serious challenges in international relations.  Congratulations to our students!
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