Success at Harvard Model United Nations 2016

From the 29th of January to the 3rd of February, a delegation from the debate club attended the 63rd Harvard Model United Nations Conference in Boston. Hosted by students from Harvard University, schools from around the world congregate in Boston in order to debate and tackle complex issues, in a highly realistic simulation of the UN itself. If there is significant difference between the actual UN and MUN, it is only that delegates can sidestep the bureaucracy and occasional paralysis of the UN to make meaningful compromise and negotiation.

Encouraging cooperation, compromise and international understanding, the conference encompasses the ideals of both the United Nations and our school. With over 3000 students from across the globe and representatives from every habitable continent participating, the conference was an opportunity to explore differing perspectives and opinions through debate.

As representatives of nations from around the world, delegates are offered the chance to both discuss and develop understanding about complex and important issues in a different light: From combatting the potential threat of nuclear terror, to defending China's controversial views on human rights, we were confronted with challenging discussions and forced to adopt a perspective and stance very different from our own.

Our school delegation consisted of:
Jivahn Moradian (Ter. OI)      William Shamma (1ere IB)
Julien Fernandez (1ere OI)    Daniil Ukhorskiy (1ere IB)
Thomas Cessou (1ere OI)      Finnian Dunbar-Johnson (1ere IB)
Maena Raoux (1ere OI)         Ayelet Drazen (1ere IB)
Youmna Chamieh (1ere OI)   Jean Clavero (1ere OI)

Representing China in the Economic and Social wing of the UN, our school's delegation did particularly excellently. Setting itself apart from other schools, over half the delegation was rewarded with outstanding delegate awards and honourable mentions for their ability to argue for and develop pragmatic solutions.

Ayelet Drazen & Daniil Ukhorskiy received Outstanding Delegate awards in the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Jivahn Moradian received an Outstanding Delegate award in The Iranian Council of Ministers 1981.

Thomas Cessou & Jean Clavero received Honorable Mentions in the Special Summit of the Peacebuilding Commission.

Maena Raoux & Youmna Chamieh received Verbal Mentions in the Commission for Social Development.

In conclusion, many thanks to Ms. Harvey and Ms. Swann for their guidance and help, without which we could not have attended, let alone competed for awards. And congratulations to all!

Finnian Dunbar-Johnson 1ere IB.

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