A Multicultural Environnement

The School’s mission is to “promote international understanding through the bilingual education of a multicultural community of student body.” Our students experience this first hand by living and learning in a human landscape of almost eighty nationalities representing every major culture and religious tradition. Roughly one-third of the student body is French; one-third bi-cultural; and one-third has no French ties. Through the immediacy of studying and playing together, students grow to recognize and value the rich cultural diversity of their friends as well as the universal values that bind them to each other.

Beyond the school campuses, students of all ages participate in outings and trips organized and supervised by School staff and vetted outside organizers. Where outings are concerned, activities illustrate and enrich academic pursuits with connections to the cultural and historic fabric of Paris, including its museums, theaters and opera. And trips are opportunities for cultural immersion and further contact with peers all over the world.

The wide range of trips includes, for example, student exchanges with our six partner schools in China. In Beijing: Shijia Primary School, BBB, CCC and DDD; and in Shanghai: EEE and FFF. These schools, five of which are public magnet schools, are among China’s very best and offer an extraordinary opportunity to meet the young people who will build tomorrow’s China.

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