The Fondation Jeannine Manuel

The Fondation Jeannine Manuel was established in 2004 under the aegis of the Fondation de France. The purpose of the foundation is to support Ecole Jeannine Manuel and other nonprofit bilingual schools whose aims are congruent with Jeannine Manuel’s vision. Foundation contributions include:

  • Financial aid makes it possible for students who meet our entry criteria to take up a place at the School, irrespective of parental income. Financial aid is broad-based and includes the Growing Together program, which focuses on disadvantaged children of recent immigrants with whom our students rarely interact. Our mission demands that we reach out to these students. Their presence enriches the diversity of our School and contributes to the opportunity for all to live, learn and grow together. Financial aid also includes need-based scholarships for students who can only achieve their full academic potential in the IB track due to their late arrival in France and imperfect mastery of the French language.
  • Cultural and sports initiatives: This includes support of activities ranging from partnerships with cultural institutions (Théâtre de l’Odéon, Comédie Française, The Globe Theatre, Théâtre de la Colline), to the sponsorship of concerts, trips, workshops, or of Shore-to-Shore, an initiative to promote the development of English-language theater in Paris, to the funding of sporting events such as the International School League involving eight international schools from Italy to Belgium.
  • Ecole Jeannine Manuel in London, our sister school, for which the foundation provided significant initial funding. 

Since the foundation is under the aegis of the Fondation de France, donations qualify under the highly favorable French tax law for charitable donations, where gifts give rise to 66% or 75% tax credits, thereby reducing the net cost of a €100 gift to either €25 or €34, depending on the donor’s tax status.

For further information, please go to Fondation Jeannine Manuel

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