High School Diploma

Content and Conditions for granting the École Jeannine Manuel High School Diploma


1         Introduction

Following its international and American accreditations by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in May 2014, École Jeannine Manuel awards its Year 12 students a High School Diploma during a graduation ceremony which generally occurs in May. Recognized worldwide, it symbolizes the international character of our school. The purpose of this charter is to define the conditions for obtaining this diploma.


2         Intent of the Diploma

École Jeannine Manuel’s High School Diploma validates the academic and extracurricular achievements of its students during Years 10, 11 and 12. In addition, all recipients have shown that they have invested in the school’s mission by their involvement in extra-curricular activities and the completion of a research project. The requirements of this diploma bring French-track and IB students together through CAS activities and other projects, and unite them in embracing the School’s identity.


3         Requirements

3.1          In order to obtain his/her High School Diploma, each student will:

3.1.1       Have shown full adhesion to the pedagogical principles of the school;

3.1.2       Have demonstrated satisfactory attendance;

3.1.3       Have validated 30 annual hours of co-curricular activities, during the 3 years of upper-school;

3.1.4       Have conducted a research project.

3.2          In addition to the above-mentioned criteria:

3.2.1       Each student will have to validate a total of 18 credits (4 of which are chosen from disciplines outside of the Core subjects).

3.2.2       1 credit corresponds to 1 complete and satisfactory year of study of the subject.

3.2.3       Curriculum: Upper school National Education programs, IB, IGCSE or École Jeannine Manuel curriculum.

3.3          The disciplines requiring validation are the following:

3.3.1       Disciplines in the common core         (14)

§  French                             3

§  English                             3

§  Humanities[1]                  4

§  Mathematics[2]                1

§  Science[3]                         2

§  Physical Education                      1

3.3.2       Options (one satisfactory year of study of the following subjects may validate one credit)

§  Arts

§  Study of another language

§  Study of an additional humanities subject

§  Study of an additional science

§  Study of an additional year of mathematics

§  Study of an additional year of physical education

3.4          For students joining the school during the upper school years, the validation of credits gained in the school of origin is imperative. These credits are granted by the Head of School after reviewing the results obtained by the student in the school of origin and the comments on the student’s school reports.


4         Awarding of the High School Diploma

4.1          École Jeannine Manuel’s High School Diploma is awarded to each student, by decision of the Head of School, following the considerations of the second term year-12 Conseil de Classe which ensures that all the criteria described in paragraphs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 have been met.  

4.2          Suspension of the diploma procedure:

4.2.1       Any student has not met at least one of the criteria defined in paragraphs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 may not receive École Jeannine Manuel’s High School Diploma.

4.2.2       Any student who does not fulfil the conditions for granting École Jeannine Manuel’s High School Diploma is called for an interview with the Head of school, during which he is invited to express the reasons for which the conditions for obtaining the diploma were not met.

4.2.3       At the end of the interview, the Head of School decides whether to grant the École Jeannine Manuel’s High School Diploma.

4.2.4       The Head of School informs the student and his/her family of his decision within 48 hours following the interview. His decision is sovereign and final.


[1] History and/or Geography, Economics, Business & Management,

[2] It is necessary to validate 3 years of study of mathematics, except for the L section students, for whom the validation of a year of study of mathematics is enough.

[3] Life and Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences

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