Pedagogical Principles

Ecole Jeannine Manuel is a cohesive community of students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. Among stakeholders, the School’s first commitment is to each individual student, subject only to the well being of the student body as a whole. This “Student First” policy is a founding principle of the School’s shared values and guides all teaching practices.

Our pedagogical principles rest on five pillars:

·       Mastering core academic skills

·       Helping students become truly bilingual

·       Practicing collaborative learning

·       Developing autonomy

·       Nurturing curiosity, creativity and an appetite for culture

The key drivers of our pedagogy are coherence and innovation. Whether inspired by current research in the cognitive sciences, by best practices from around the world, or homegrown, our teaching methods are constantly evolving. Our international teams of teachers stimulate new ideas that lead to a creative, pioneering education. Hands-on manipulations in math, inquiry-based learning in the sciences, and teamwork are among the practices that foster student engagement and growth. Our goal is to have students think, do and share.

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