Harvard Model Congress Europe: A Big Success!

25 of our students attended the Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) conference in Madrid. Debating sessions were of a high standard and our delegation was very successful, winning 14 awards, including 10 Best Delegate and 4 Honorable Mention awards, as follows:
Best Delegate: World Health Organisation                            Tiffanie Septier
Best Delegate: International Monetary Fund                         Alienor Zittoun
Best Delegate: Senate Foreign Relations                               Elisabeth Koch
Best Delegate: United Nations Human Rights Council           Lou Maarek
Best Delegate: Brexit Committee                                           Loic Derrien
Best Delegate: Supreme Court                                               Hugo Harvey
Best Delegate: Supreme Court                                               Phil Root
Best Delegate: District Court                                                  Alexandre Allix
Best Delegate: District Court                                                  Joyce Lian
Best Delegate: District Court                                                  Theodora Georgakopoulou
Honorable Mention: European Commission:                         Tom Jungbluth
Honorable Mention: European Commission                          James Hamilton
Honorable Mention: Historical Committee                            Andrea Bovard
Honorable Mention: Arab League                                         Timothé Perakis-Valat
Congratulations to our students and their teachers!
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