What is the Adaptation Programme ?

The Adaptation Programme is designed for children who speak little or no French.  It involves both immersion into the school’s bilingual curriculum and special French language support to help structure the oral and written language. Non-francophone students receive intensive and immersive French tuition tailored to their individual level; their progress is closely followed by a senior advisor. The Adaptation Programme is available from 2nd through to 9th grade.  Experience shows that individually differentiated immersion is appropriate before 2nd grade. 

Do you have a Petite Section (Age 3) ?

No.  We accept children from the age of 4 (Pre-K/Moyenne Section).

How do you decide who you admit ?

Ecole Jeannine Manuel is a highly oversubscribed school.  Our Admissions Policy is available on our website and guides our decisions.

Applicants are accepted on the basis of their academic profile, their ability to cope with the academic challenge of an enriched bilingual curriculum and their contribution to the School’s cultural diversity.

Successful applicants will have met our academic entry requirements. They will also, depending on their level of entry, have demonstrated ability and/or interest in co-curricular areas, and excellence of character. Our admissions process is designed to identify students who are able to benefit from our education and to make a positive contribution towards the life of the School.

The parents of successful candidates will be internationally minded families who embrace the School's mission statement and are deeply invested in the education and wellbeing of their children.

Among equally qualified applicants, places will be offered in accordance with the following criteria (weighting of these criteria may vary and meeting one or more of these criteria does not guarantee entrance):

  • Current and former students of École Jeannine Manuel’s sister schools and their siblings (a full or half-brother or sister, an adoptive brother or sister, or a child of the same household);
  • Children of alumni and staff;
  • Extra-curricular interests and other talents;
  • Other factors.

We also make every effort to reserve space for international applicants (e.g. university faculty on sabbatical or research fellows) whose families expect to remain in France for a limited period of time and wish to combine a cultural immersion in a bilingual education with the ability to re-enter their own school systems and excel.

Can you recommend other international schools in France?

We are not in a position to make recommendations regarding other establishments. However, for a list of international schools in France, you can visit the ELSA (English Language Schools Association) website.

How much are the school fees?

Please refer to Tuition and Fees for more information.

Do you accept boarders ?

We do not have boarding facilities in Paris, however, our school in Lille accepts boarders from 6th to 12th grade (6ème – Terminale).

Do you have a school bus service ?


Do I have time to drop off/pick up my children if they are at different sites?

All sites open at 08h10.  School starts at 08h30. Please note that for those families who will be dropping their children off at our Dupleix school site by car, there is a “Drop-off” system in place. School finishes at 15h15.

Can my child enter the school before 08h10? 


How long does it take to walk to and from the school sites?

Approximately 15 minutes from one to another.  

Do primary school children have school all day on Wednesdays?

Wednesday mornings:  08h30 – 12H30.

Is there a school uniform?


- Written by Céline Bezioua. Thursday, 12 September 2019