What is a playdate ?

All applicants (French residents) for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade are invited to participate in a “playdate” (educational activities in small groups) coordinated by two EJM teachers.  Families have the choice between a French or English-speaking playdate.  

What is the COREP (for 6th grade French-speaking applicants only) ?

As part of the admissions process for 6th Grade, children are invited to sit a 3-hour aptitude test organised by COREP  (Centre d’Orientation et d’Examens Psychologiques).

What is a standardised test? E.g., WISC 5 (from the age of 7), ERB (US), CAT (UK), etc.

These standardised tests are helpful when the applicant’s schooling does not follow the French system, which is easily readable by our admission team.  In such cases, standardised tests provide useful information over and above school reports. 

Please note that we do not administer standardised tests. Families must schedule a test independently.

What is a language evaluation? (Kindergarten and 1st Grade only)

In order to determine if an early bilingual education is appropriate and comfortable for your child, we ask for a language evaluation (e.g., CELF-5, CELF-CDN-F, PLS 5, ELO).  These evaluations are performed by speech therapists.

My child is bilingual.  Does my child need to do a language evaluation ?

Yes. All children applying for Kindergarten and 1st Grade should complete this evaluation.

How can I find a professional to administer a standardized test or speech therapy evaluation ?

If families are struggling to locate a speech therapist in their area, the admissions team can provide a non-exhaustive list of professionals. 

- Written by Céline Bezioua. Monday, 08 October 2018