Presentation and campus tour

Can I visit the school ?

Campus Tours of the main site (rue du Théâtre) are organised throughout the year.  Dates are listed on our website under « Paris Campus Tours ».  Select a date and register online. Due to security reasons, regretfully, we are unable to organise tours of our primary and infant school sites (Dupleix and Suffren).

Do I have to attend a school presentation before completing an application online ?

All new families based in Paris are expected to attend a presentation. They allow families to discover the school’s history, mission, principles and philosophy.  The presentation closes with a Q&A session.  Presentations are given by members of the senior leadership team, in either French or English.

Families living abroad are not expected to attend.  However, if you are planning a visit to Paris, we encourage families to attend.  Visiting families can also register online for a Campus Tour.

If you attended a presentation last year, it is not necessary to register again this year.

How do I sign up for a School Presentation or Campus Tour?

Go to “Admissions” on the school website ( and select an option (“School Presentation” or “Campus Tour”).  Select a date and register. This is is not mandatory.

How do I cancel my attendance at a School Presentation or Campus Tour ?

If you are unable to attend a school presentation or campus tour, please click on the link provided in your confirmation email.

Can I bring my child to a School Presentation ?

The School Presentation begins at 5.30pm and finishes at approximately 7.30pm.  Children under the age of 8 could find this quite long, particularly in the late afternoon.

- Written by Céline Bezioua. Monday, 09 September 2019