Admission Procedure

École Jeannine Manuel is a not-for-profit pre-K-12 coed school with 3,100 students representing seventy seven nationalities and every major cultural tradition. The school’s academic excellence matches its diversity; École Jeannine Manuel is among the top schools in France in terms of overall academic performance and our graduates are consistently accepted at the most competitive colleges and universities around the world. Consequently, admission is competitive and each year the Admissions Committee must deny admission to many bright, talented applicants whom the school would very much like to welcome if it had the space to do so.

Looking at an application, the first question we ask is: would this student be able to cope with the academic challenges of an enriched bilingual curriculum? If the answer is unequivocally favorable, the Admissions Committee considers a number of other academic and non-academic factors, including parental commitment to education and to the school's pedagogical multicultural project.

Among otherwise equally qualified applicants, admission decisions will give preference to certain constituencies: returning students, siblings of students and children of alumni, teachers and staff.

Although applications typically exceed available spaces by a wide margin, we make every effort to accommodate international applicants, including children of families who expect to remain in France for a limited period of time and wish to combine a cultural immersion in French education with the ability to re-enter their own school systems and excel.